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Brunet Construction offers a variety of services. Each of them are brought to you with excellence and attention to detail with our trusted, experienced operators.

Mass excavation for large projects such as stripping and removing of overburden of quarries. Also, large drainage ditches including culvert installation. New homeowners can rely on our experienced backhoe operators for their basement excavation needs. 

Earthen Manure Storage Facilities

Adhering to the strict government standards in regards to construction of Earthen Manure Storage, Brunet Construction has built many lagoons in areas in Southern and Central Manitoba

Site Preparation/Debris Removal

Clients who need concrete, wood, building, or tree debris removed can count on our trucks, loaders and backhoes to clean up their site. Abandoned houses, sheds, tree and bush debris will all be removed quickly and in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Drainage - Brush Clearing

Land owners are often in need of heavy equipment to provide drainage of their fields or to clear brush adjacent to fields or buildings. Laser ditching is available for rural municipalities, land owners and developments. Our supervisors and surveyors can recommend the best equipment for the task.

Snow Removal

Over the years, our loaders and graders have cleared snow for the Manitoba Highways and private clients. We also haul snow away by the truckload upon request.


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